Forum Title: winterizing with a sand filter
I tried to do a search but it said the words sand and filter were too common. I've read a couple dozen threads but don't see the answers. We have a hayward sand filter that holds about 250 lbs of sand. So I'm guessing that stays where it is right? Do I take anything off of it other than the hoses that the water goes through? I know to take off the drain plug but otherwise it's all fine to stay outside right? We live in north central Indiana-it gets well below freezing all winter long. We're planning to put the pump and all the hoses and fittings in the basement. Do we need to take the top off the filter too? I don't know what the multiport/spider gasket is but I suspect it's beneath that handle that I use for the different settings on the filter? In order to remove that gasket do I have to remove that whole top thing? There are pictures of our filter and pump in my signature. Thanks and sorry if this is a repeat.
Category: pool Post By: ANNETTE PEARSON (Tuscaloosa, AL), 02/17/2019

Just remove the drain plug at the bottom, the site glass, and the pressure gauge. Leave the rest. Put the multiport on Winter and thats it. You really dont need to bring the pump in. IMO, its a waste of time and energy. Since you have an above ground, just drain everything, and remove the plugs from the pump. Someone else who has an AGP will be along to give you more tips. FWIW, I live in Massachusetts and no one that I know, without exception, takes in the pump. There are those on TFP that do, but IMO its not needed.

- TERRY NGUYEN (Lenexa, KS), 03/27/2019

ok thanks-I will relay this info to my husband.

- SANDRA MOORE (Naperville, IL), 04/17/2019

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