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Hello all, I know that summer just started, but in the interest of being prepared I wanted to start this now so I?m not scrambling in a couple of months. My wife and I bought a new house and are first-time pool owners. I?ve attached a couple of pictures, sorry they?re not great but I think they show the pool and the deck pretty well. The pool is an above-ground oval, approximately 19? x 34? (going off of memory, the actual dimensions may be a little different). There is a large deck that surrounds it and basically touches the edge of the pool, and where it doesn?t touch the gap is very small, almost never exceeding �? and sometimes being as small as 1/8?. Because of this, it would be extremely difficult to get a normal above-ground pool cover on it, not to mention a major pain crawling under the deck to get to it. Because of that, I kind of want to treat this as an in-ground pool. The previous owner never used a cover, he would drain the pool about � way down and just leave it open. There aren?t many trees around so leaves aren?t a problem, but we did have a lot of what I?m going to call grime in the pool, not to mention some messed up chemistry. I?d much rather cover it than leave it uncovered. I really like the idea of the Loop Loc type with the anchors in the deck around it, but I?m having trouble finding out if you can anchor them in wood ? most everything I see is in concrete. The covers are also listed as ?safety covers? so not sure they work in the winter. I?ve talked to a few friends that have pools, they don?t like the mesh covers that allow water through so I?m thinking something solid. I see that some solid covers have a mesh drain panel, but I?m not sure how that works, where the water/snow drains and how it differs from full mesh in terms of what it allows to get into the pool. I?m not crazy about using the water bags or pillows to hold it down. I know a lot of people use them, but I?ve read a lot of complaints about them not working, leaking, breaking, etc. Due to the lack of trees around us, the house is sort of in a wind tunnel and the gusts can get pretty severe, if one of those broke or leaked I fear the cover would go flying. I?m not looking to break the bank if I can help, but I?d definitely rather spend more money now (or do more work) to get something that is going to work the way I want it to.
Category: pool Post By: VICTORIA WATKINS (Bellflower, CA), 03/04/2019

As long as the deck is securely anchored to the ground you could attach a hook bolt similar to one of these to the joists to secure the safety cover to. I know the mesh covers let a lot of dirt in, at least up here. But if you can vacuum to waste it goes away pretty quick.

- GLADYS SIMMONS (Santa Barbara, CA), 04/04/2019

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