Forum Title: Maybe I just don't understand how an air compressor is supposed to work???
Hi everyone. After a ton of research, I decided to try to close my IG pool this year. Hubby's been out of work for a few months, and I need to save some money! I rented an air compressor from Home Depot (max psi 125). I tried to blow the skimmers toward the pump with a series of threaded PVC connections channeling down from 1.5 to the 1/4 adapter for the compressor, but not a lot of water blew through, and the compressor PSI dropped down to 20psi nearly as soon as I connected it. I guessed that I must be losing air through my self-made PVC adapter. I didn't have any pvc glue on hand, so I decided to ditch the adapter and blow out from the pump's 1/4 drain holes. I closed all the pump-to-pool return lines and the vacuum port line. I gizmoed off one of the skimmers and blew the other. It worked for pushing out the bulk of the water and I shop vacced it from the skimmer. After the bulk of the water was gone, the psi on the compressor just dropped right down to 20psi again, and I wasn't getting any more water from the pipe, even though I could hear some gurgling in there. I partially closed the line from the pump house to increase air velocity, but it didn't seem to do anything. I wanted to just leave it running to ten minutes or so to see if it would eventually build pressure, but my hubby assured me this would not happen. So, we sat there letting the compressor recharge to 120psi and then blasting it. Water would spurt out for about 3 seconds, then stop. So, we repeated that process about a dozen times for each skimmer and the vacuum port. And then had to do the same thing for each of 5 returns (while 4 of the 5 were plugged). This took hours (most of it just waiting for pressure to build on the compressor. I feel like non of the videos I watched went like this. Everyone else seems to be able to turn on their equipment and let it do it's job. What on earth am I doing wrong? Each return would release a a good gush, then a cup, then a half cup, then a half cup, then a half cup, then a quarter cup, etc etc. I feel like I could do this forever and never get all of the water out of the lines. Please help. I have to return the compressor by 7pm tomorrow, and I'm not at all certain I've been successful.
Category: pool Post By: GUY REEVES (Merced, CA), 02/01/2019

I use a 2 rubber plug with the screw removed and an air chuck. You can get the air chuck at a Harbor Freight or most hardware stores. The rubber plugs from a pool store. It maybe cheaper just to buy a used compressor or get a cheap one at harbor freight. B

- MARIE MITCHELL (Overland Park, KS), 04/13/2019

Do not set the compressor over 30 PSI as you will need a volume of air and not pressure to remove water with air. Please look at this thread and there is a link to someone who was successful in closing there pool with a pancake compressor. It would be best to purchase a unit at Harbor Freight or a used one instead of renting as you will need it moving forward. The concept of closing an inground swimming pool

- GINA SUTTON (Greenville, SC), 03/23/2019

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