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Hello TFPers! Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been using TFP almost since we bought the house last year and the results have been great. I'm all set to close my pool for the first time (I had the pool store close it last year) and I was hoping someone could make sure my plan is sane. I have a very simple setup; one skimmer and one return. My equipment is in the basement of the house. My plan is to: Bring pool up to SLAM level (CYA=40, SLAM=16) a few days before closing. On day of closing, add one bottle of Poly-60, mix for a while. Drain about 1-2 below the return. Blow out the lines by blowing through the skimmer and out the return. I don't have a good way to blow the lines without going through the pump and the filter. Is there any risk of damage to the pump or filter by doing this? Should I have the MPV on recirculate for this, or is it ok to leave it on filter? (I purchased a Cyclone for this step.) Add some antifreeze to the return line. I know many of you consider this unnecessary, but it can't hurt. Plug the return. Add some antifreeze to the suction line via the skimmer. Thread in a gizmo. Add some antifreeze to the skimmer basket. Put a cut up pool noodle into the skimmer. Drain the pump (but there shouldn't be anything left in there after blowing the lines through the pump and filter, right?) Put the MPV on Winter. I'm not going to bother draining the filter, as I have no where to drain it too except my basement floor and it won't freeze down there anyway. Remove ladder, cover with tarp cover and water bags. Anything I'm missing? Anything I should do differently? Thanks in advance, Ed
Category: pool Post By: KRISTINA SINGH (St. Petersburg, FL), 02/28/2019

Welcome to TFP!!! I never close, but figured I would make sure you had seen this: Pool School - Closing an In Ground Pool

- WALTER HILL (Orange, CA), 04/07/2019

Thanks Jason! Yep, my plan is largely based on that thread plus whatever else I've picked up in the forums. Ed

- JUSTIN MORRIS (Bristol, CT), 04/11/2019

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