Forum Title: Having inground installed, pool closing questions
Hello, new member and having an inground installed. Had an above ground for a few years and making the swap to an inground pool, 14ftx22ft Grecian 3.5ft deep to 5ft in the deep end vinyl liner pool I've read a few articles about closing, including the pool school article. My questions pertain to blowing out the plumbing and/or adding antifreeze I have a compressor and a shop vac, will probably start with the shop vac to see if it is sufficient enough to clear the main drain. When blowing out returns and drains where am I hooking up the vacuum? The skimmer intake port? After plugging the returns, the main drain then gets blown out, but ive found that the main drain doesnt need to be plugged. What keeps water from back flowing? Is it by trapping air by closing the valve? If this Is the case, has any one ever had a problem with the valve leaking air and allowing water to flow back into the plumbing? After blowing out the plumbing I might add antifreeze just as cheap insurance, but where do you add the antifreeze to the plumbing, and if your trapping air, then how would you add antifreeze to the main drain line? Final question, hopefully the pool will be filled and backfilled by the second or 3rd week of August, then waiting for another month for settling before the concrete deck gets poured and then another month for curing before the concrete can be drilled for the cover anchors, so i may not have a cover till November. Is there any reason i couldnt use a large tarp with water tubes as a temporary cover? Thank you all, I did some searching but didn't quite find the answers to these questions. Thank you all
Category: pool Post By: DEBORAH CLARK (Yuma, AZ), 02/03/2019

Shopvac set to blow air in the skimmer should clear all the return jets and skimmer. Those get plugged. I'm not sure how they winterized my main drain, I think anti freeze poured from the pump back down the main drain line. I've seen people use tarps. Throw a few rafts/floats in the pool and the patio furniture around the edge to hold it in place.

- WENDY VARGAS (Arlington, VA), 03/26/2019

on mine there is no good way to add antifreeze for the drain. I blow everything from the far skimmer and do the skimmers and returns. Then blow main drain until I have a fountain of air coming up and then have to trust the air lock on the valve. I do not think a shop vac will do the main drain. I built a pvc fixture and quick disconnect for the air compressor.

- LORETTA BECK (Hesperia, CA), 04/14/2019

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