Forum Title: Cloudy Pool (algae bloom, 0 cya)
Some background: Bought a house, pool is new to us. We opened it, but needed to replace the pump, then needed to replace part of the filter in some plumbing. Pool was crystal clear when we opened, unfortunately sat around not running in the sun while we fixed it, so as expected we had a horrible algae bloom. We shocked it initially, got the algae from dark green down to a blue but very cloudy pool. We are stuck there. At that point the PH was crazy high so we brought that down, I thought that was the reason the chlorine wasn't clearing the pool. I initially thought the algae was dead but still in the water so we tried floccing, didn't help at all. So I suspect it's still an active algae bloom, especially since getting a better test kit and finding out the CYA is 0, and the chlorine reading is 0 24 hours after shocking. It's a 15x30 aboveground pool, approx 12,000 gallons, sand filter, vinyl liner. Last testing levels were: Free chlorine: 0 CYA: 0 Alk: 80 ppm (slightly low for vinyl I think but I don't think we should adjust til we get this worked out? Or should we?) PH: 7.2 So... we need to up the CYA and then shock it right? I feel like we're going in circles at this point and I'm not sure where to go from here. Can someone help me figure out what to add, in what order, and how long to wait in between?
Category: pool Post By: MARIA J (Austin, TX), 02/16/2019

I'm reading the SLAM method and trying to figure this out... so should we be raising the CYA first? Or just getting it to shock level where it's at now? If I'm reading the calculators right, I need to get to 10ppm FC with the low stabilizer method, and I need 208 oz of bleach to do that? Then keep adding bleach as needed to keep the FC at 10?

- CARMEN MATTHEWS (Livonia, MI), 03/22/2019

I'd raise the CYA to 30, put the stabilizer in a sock and hang it in front of the return, give it a squeeze every so often until it's all dissolved. SLAM away based on the chlorine / cya chart. Make sure you follow all the steps outlined in the SLAM instructions and most of all be patient. You're done with a SLAM once you pass the 3 requirements below.CC is 0.5 or lower; You pass an OCLT (ie overnight FC loss test shows a loss of 1.0 ppm or less); And the water is clear. You can add bleach now but it's going to burn off quickly because of the sun and not having any stabilizer in the pool

- TANYA PARK (Fishers, IN), 03/26/2019

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