Forum Title: Closing issues! Thanks for a great troublefree pool summer
First I want to thank everyone involved in maintaining this site for the best pool summer we have had in the 25 years of AG pool ownership! now it's time to close and I have some questions. Read the closing instructions in Pool School. Every year our pool looses about half of the water we start with. Where does it go and how can I stop it? Drain below skimmer and return and use plug and gizmo. Use a winter cover. Have tried various pillows and such but they always seem to deflate. We also seem to always open in the spring to a green pool even with polyquat algeacide. Any thoughts?
Category: pool Post By: NORMA ORTIZ (Iowa City, IA), 03/02/2019

Wait for the water temp to dip below 60 prior to closing and make sure you open before the water is above 60. 60� seems to be the magic number for algae to grow. I close in Oct and open in April (if the pool isn't still frozen). Sorry no idea about the water loss.

- WADE FRANCIS (Cary, NC), 04/10/2019

It's possible that the snow and water weighing on the cover is displacing water inside the pool to cause it to overflow. Just a thought. I had an AGP years ago, and I always had to add water in spring.

- ASHLEY PETERSON (West Covina, CA), 04/16/2019

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