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Hello, I was wondering a couple of things. We have an 18x36 in ground pool with main floor drain, skimmer, 2 returns and a line for a Polaris cleaner. The Pool cleaner line is not used and plugged already. We also have a step/spa combo that needs to be accounted for, both during the closing and for the liner. I have been looking around at the tools needed to close my pool and some people have used a shop vac and others various blowers. From the cyclone blower/vac to just a bounce house blower. What I'm wondering is a something like the Rigid shop vac 6.5 peak HP enough to blow out the lines AND be used to suction the liner during a replacement of the liner? We have a 14 year old liner that has recently been patched, we found some tears and a couple of holes recently. We have gotten quotes from 3500 to 6000 to replace the liner. Has anyone here done this themselves? I figure at the low end I can save 2200 at the high end 4000. I have several buddies that will help and I have looked at several other sites that have given instructions. It does not look too difficult, but will the shop vac be strong enough to suck the liner in? Is there anything anyone has found doing it that they did not know before starting? Any tips or advice would be welcomed. THANK YOU!!
Category: pool Post By: HAZEL JENSEN (Springfield, MA), 03/01/2019

A little steep on the liner. The liner should be in the range of 2,500 to 4,000. Shop around and work with small time PB. Also, look for people who work on the side and ask for referrals from homeowner liner installations. Patience is key in finding the right person or PB for the liner replacement. If this was my pool, I would start right away as the liner is showing the end of its shelf life. Regarding the closing of the pool, you can start with a shop vac (which will probably not work on the main drain), move on to the an air compressor and if all else fails, then you can purchase the Cyclone. Unplug the Polaris and blow out that line as well (just in case). The concept is all the same. You are removing water with air in your suction and return lines. Air will travel accordingly to all areas, from skimmers, main drains, returns, steps, Polaris, etc.

- NATHANIEL GREGORY (South Bend, IN), 03/21/2019

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