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So our new to us pool is currently filling and the kids are getting excited. They were awesome in helping move wrinkles around to the outside in the heat Sunday and that went pretty well with the foam floor. I almost have it filled now to the return line and am starting to get nervous. I have been reading up on pool school and searching around but have not really found a thread of put x, y, and z in the pool to startup once you are able to filter (or before for that matter.) UPS tracking says my TF-100 test kit is due Thursday. We have a 30 foot round 54 pool. Using PoolMath, I think it is 22,000 gallons assuming at final I will be about 50 deep. We are filling it from our well and I am not sure if we have any iron in the water or not. I have a science experiment going on in my kitchen with a cup filled with water and some bleach to see if it gets cloudy....just so I know what to expect. Should I throw anything suchas bleach in there tonight? If so, what? I did see a suggestion on one thread to bring the FC to 3, CYA to 30 and adjust pH to 7.4.If I plug that into PoolMath, do I use the FC now at 0 and go to 3 resulting in adding 137 oz of 6% bleach?Not sure what to plug in for CYA or pH now? Can that wait to be added until Thursday?I'm positive the kids want to swim and positive I don't want the start of a green algae pool come Thursday because I did not ask for help. Thanks in advance for reading and helping us out!
Category: pool Post By: HOWARD GRAY (Schaumburg, IL), 03/10/2019

Sorry to hear about your plaster. It sounds like it may have been etched a bit and there's no way to get it back. There are ways to sand it down and make it bit smoother which you could talk to your PB about. The other possibility is calcium scale which can be dissolved over time. Otherwise, your plaster is old enough now that it won't be affected by using a specialized start-up water chemistry procedure now. Just adopt normal TFPC ranges when you get your kit. Pool School - Recommended Levels Keep your pH low for a while before swimming season and see if any of the prickly bits soften up and come off. If you can get a hold of a few pieces, dribble some acid on them and see if they fizz. If they fizz then it's calcium scale as well or on it's own (hopefully). In that case, I would get the CSI down to about -0.6 to hasten dissolving scale, if that's what it turns out to be. It's hard and whiteish, and if you press hard with a stiff fingernail, you might be able to pluck it off. I would also do a .

- MELVIN GUZMAN (Passaic, NJ), 03/23/2019

Well hello there! You are going to love having a pool as the kids will sleep REAL good after they have fun swimming in the pool! I am going to hit the easy ones for now then throw a BUNCH of info at your to work through. -CYA-you have 0 in the pool right now. It has to be added. You can buy it a Walmart or Lowes It will be labeled as stabilizer or balancer. Look for the active ingredient of cyanuric acid. You will put it in the sock and let the kids have fun squeezing the sock to help it dissolve it. FC-you did it right-make sure to use plain, unscented bleach or chlorine (liquid) Walmart is selling it in the pool section and call it pool shock PH-you can buy one of the cheapo kits at Walmart for the PH test. This will really help the water be a lot more comfortable to swim in-eyes and skin That will get you going aka kids swimming until your good test kit gets there!- - - Updated - - - Now for the big stuff : Print these out:Pool School - Basic Pool Care SchedulePool School - Recommended Levels Bookmark these:Pool School - Recommended Pool Chemicals School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry Make sure to ask any and all questions you might have no matter how small! We have all been where you are at one point. now don't be scared...........we will be here to help! Kim

- LAUREN BOWMAN (Lawton, OK), 04/04/2019

If this turns out to be calcium scale... needsajet said: CSI down to about -0.6 Click to expand... Easy way to do this is to keep pH on the lower end of the range. You can choose a target pH number very simply by using the CSI result at the bottom of PoolMath. Enter various pH values in the target column, until CSI is around -0.6 (negative 0.6). If you use the PoolMath app, tap the CSI icon on the Overview page, and play with the numbers there.

- LONNIE ZIMMERMAN (Vineland, NJ), 03/29/2019

Thanks Kimkats. So the concentrated bleach I got says that it has 8.25% sodium hypochlorite but then right below that says it yields 7.86% available chlorine. Does that mean I have 7.86% to put in the pool math calculator or does that mean I put 8.25% in there?

- JAMES SMITH (League City, TX), 04/11/2019

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