Forum Title: Another CLEAR green pool.
I opened my pool May 15th, and it looked pretty good! I started SLAM with a PH of 7.2 and CYA of 20. I've been adding stabilizer, and this morning it was 30. The pool cleared up pretty fast and by last Thursday, the 22nd, I could see the bottom and across the pool. It was clear, but greenish. I have continued SLAM because it is not blue, but a few days ago I started wondering why is the pool so clear, it is definitely not cloudy. I have not done the OCLT, because I have been waiting for crystal clear. Anyway, after reading here I've started wondering about metals, but I am not sure where they'd be coming from. We have city water, and nothing else has been different this year. I've been using BBB for 5 years now. It has been raining here in SC off and on for several days, but the green tint settle in before that. So, my question until I can do the OCLT tomorrow morning...if it isn't algae, could it be metals? CYA 30 FC 13.5 CC .5 pH 6.8 TA 30 Thanks, MS Freeman
Category: pool Post By: TED BUSH (Las Vegas, NV), 02/12/2019

Pics or it didnt happen!

- ARMANDO ROBBINS (Moreno Valley, CA), 04/14/2019

Yes, it could certainly be iron. Do you have a pic? That would help? Did it gradually turn green, was it always green, did it turn green rapidly?

- TERESA STEWART (Temecula, CA), 04/20/2019

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