Forum Title: 2 week vacation in September - Close pool???
I usually close my pool the first week of October and it's always crystal clear when I open in early May (Boston area). However this year, I go on a 2 week vacation starting Sept 13th. The big question is...should I close before I go?? My current thinking is to close on the 12th (day before I leave). I think I will circulate the water at SLAM level with polyquat 60 the day before closing. Unfortunately, I have a mesh cover so there will be light getting in. Usually the water temp in mid-sept is around mid 60's so I know it's a little high. I'm hoping that the chlorine level and polyquat 60 will keep the algae at bay until the water temps dip below 60. Leaving the pool open would be just as risky since I really don't have anyone to mind it and by that time of year there will be many leaves falling from my Maple tree. I suppose a compromise would be to just put the cover on it and leave the pump running (I have a SWG) but I'd rather not have to worry about it while I'm away, hence the current thinking just to close it up. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
Category: pool Post By: JOY TERRY (Evansville, IN), 03/01/2019

If you end up closing early it may be a good idea to check FC when you return and bring it back up. You can use your brush to mix it in. I'm sure you already know but just in case it is best to wait until the water temps are below 60 to close the pool.

- VICKIE MARQUEZ (Delray Beach, FL), 04/14/2019

This year we are also going on vacation for 2 weeks, returning Sept 7. We will be bringing the FC up to SLAM level, putting on the solid cover and turning off the pump. The water will still be at its normal level. When we return, we will take off the cover, start the pump back up, test FC and maybe swim, using the heater of course. Then close the middle of October. Last year we did something similar for 3 weeks and when we returned the water was still okay. No horrible algae bloom. In the spring, we had algae but no worse than usual. Hope this helps.

- PERRY ROJAS (Merced, CA), 04/18/2019

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