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Good evening all! I have read through the info on this site as well as the pool forum site, but still need some reassurance. Took the cover off our pool to reveal a murky green mess. Could not see 2 feet into the pool. No FC, pH ok, many leaves, acorns, much pollen (stupid 50 year old oak tree ) and good old southern clay in the pool. The clay must have blown/washed in under the cover (that also fell in <sigh>) from where we installed a second fence around the pool to keep the kids/pets out. Have been trying to get the pool in swimming condition for the past 3 weeks. Got pool-stored to the tune of $300+. Finally convinced hubby to give the BBB method a try (ok, so I had to yell at him on his cell phone to put down the $60 bucket of cal-hypo shock and just go get the bleach). We were having a problem with chlorine demand (~55 lbs of cal-hypo in 3 days), which seems to be better since starting with the bleach yesterday. Our FC only dropped to 6ppm last night vs <1 ppm previously. I think we have a handle on that. Keeping the FC at 20 ppm with a CYA of 50 for at least another day or two to make sure the algae is absolutely gone. We are using a skimmer sock and have been augmenting the sand filter with DE; I have been brushing and vacuuming at least once a day and have kept the filter running 24/7 for the past 2 1/2 weeks (thank God for equal payment plans with the power company!). Unfortunately, the pool is still so cloudy. I can barely see the vacuum in the bottom of the shallow end (<4 ft). The water is a milky greenish-blue color (I'd have to say still more green than blue). I'm getting desperate...the kids are out of school in 2 days and I absolutely have to get this pool in shape! Am I missing anything? Or should I pour some POPP over myself and chill? Thanks for any help!
Category: pool Post By: GREG CURTIS (Greeley, CO), 03/12/2019

Froggy, Love your username. Yours is a great post and indicative of the dilemma that frustrates newbies. Now, that said, your treatments to your pool are not like a're right on track!!! You are in the final stages of getting that pool in great shape. Whether or not it'll get there in 48 more hours......uhmmm, probably, just dont quit what your doing. You have killed about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 algae cells and they are still clouding your water. Your plan now should be to filter out those dead cells and keep your Chlorine up at shock levels so no more of them can grow. The skimmer socks and DE are for the final, sparkling touch to your water....assign them little of your time for now....Here's what counts: 1. Keep that pump running 24/7 and your filter cleaned....tell us what kind you have if you don't know how to clean it ( I doubt that) 2. Keep you Cl up in the 20ppm range.....all the time. 3. A little POP goes a long way right're on the right course....don't stray from it 4. Keep vacuuming the dirt and acorns, etc. out of the pool. The Cl will do nothing for them but they are harmful to the Cl. 5. Post back here often...lots of good help available. 6. (self-serving) it sounds like you may have a pretty good test kit but I can't tell.....if you do post numbers for: Cl pH TA CH CYA If you do not have one, I hope you'll buy mine :lol: :lol: :lol: 7. Keep the took a while for your pool to get'll take a while for it to get pristine....but it will!!

- MISTY FIGUEROA (Lake Havasu City, AZ), 04/09/2019

The key thing is to bring the CL level back up to shock level as frequently as possible, every hour if you can manage it. The more frequently you test and add CL the quicker it will all be over. Constant brushing is also called for if the algae is building up on the walls/bottom. Algae on surfaces can resist CL far better than algae free floating in the water. When you finally beat the algae the CL level will hold overnight and the water will probably turn milky white. You will want to keep the CL at shock levels for another few days after that just to be sure. Once you have beat the algae it can still take several days for the water to clear, depending on the size of your pump and filter. Run the pump 24/7 until the water clears up completely, both to keep the CL will mixed and to filter out as much as possilble. Keep an eye on the filter presure and backwash as needed. Best of luck Jason

- STEVEN JACKSON (Columbus, GA), 03/30/2019

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